“To which brand would you change your golf club?”

“the influence of professional golfer is absolute~” = 237 male and female golfers over 30 has participated. 43% of them have played golf for over 10 years, 83% of them have played for over 5 years. Those with an average score of less than 90 was 77%, and single-handicapper was 15%. The age was distributed evenly with 36% in their 40s, 42% in their 50s, and 17% in their 60s. 59% of the sample selected ‘performance’ as their basis for selecting their club. However, those relying on peer assessment was 25%. This means that the performance is fundamental, but the assessment by others is also a significant factor. 52% of them selected Titleist as the first brand that came to mind. Taylor Made and Callaway closely followed with 47.6% and 47.2% respectively. This shows that the Korean players’ high performance in the domestic and foreign golf tours shown on TV broadcasting has prominent influence on the brand they promote. The major brands are also further enhancing their awareness through various marketing strategies. Japanese brands seems to maintain their long history of popularity as Mizuno and Honma scored 40% and 20% respectively. Tour Stage and Dunlop only scored 18% and 15%. Ironically, Dunlop has shown low awareness despite its overwhelming sales volume in the recent golf club market. It seems to have failed to overcome its stereotype as a brand for females or seniors.